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Intro to lacrosse (this shows both boys and girls game and the difference between the two) HERE  (10 min)

Basic Overview done by a lacrosse team click HERE

Example of a College Girls Game HERE


More Specifics of the Game:

Girls lacrosse field HERE

Most Common Minor Fouls click HERE

Examples of some Major Fouls click HERE

3 second foul in the 8 click HERE

Shooting Space info HERE

another Shooting Space video HERE

Girls Lacrosse Rules by Bend Oregon Parks and Rec HERE


Want More ??  Click HERE

US Lacrosse Youth Rulebook HERE


Girls Lacrosse Skills

Basics of Girls Lacrosse by Cathy Reese (Univ of Maryland Coach)  HERE


How to catch and throw HERE (another catching video HERE)

​How to cradle HERE - (cradle drill HERE)

How to throw HERE