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  • Legal girls lacrosse stick and head (girls sticks are different then boys sticks)

    • link to USL girls stick specifications HERE and list of legal sticks HERE
    •   How to check to see if your stick head is legal HERE (video)
    •  How to tighten your stick strings HERE (video)
    • How to break in a new lacrosse stick in 10 min  HERE (video)


  • Eye protection (regulation women's lacrosse goggles) - must be current

    •  list of legal goggles HERE
  • Helmets (Headgear) - information regarding the USL headgear can be found HERE

    • more information can be found HERE

       headgear will be optional for the 2018 Spring season - but must follow USL guidelines if worn

  • Mouth guard - must be colored and have no graphics of teeth.  

     It can also not have any protruding pieces (so don't get the one that can hook onto their goggles)

      more information about mouth guards HERE

  • Shoes - can be cleats or other field shoe

  • Tight-fitting gloves (optional)

  • Uniform - all girls must wear either black shorts or a black kilt with their jersey (which will be handed out by the team manager at one of the practices) - this really helps officials officiate the game


More information about Girls Equipment HERE

Other information:

  • No jewelry can be worn - please do not get upset if the official asks your daughter to take out her pierced earrings - they cannot be worn on the field (ponytail holders are considered jewelry if it is around their wrist)
  • Barrettes are legal as long as they do not endanger other players
  • Hard brimmed hats and other hard unyielding items on hand, wrist etc. are prohibited unless padded.